I've also been using Redbubble to produce products with my photographs for some time. Originally I was just creating personal postcards and I have received a lot from Ren Provo but I've sold other products so hopefully they turned out OK. Their throw pillows are quite nice although I think you need to chose am image carefully, I've got one made using a tile image from the Alcázar of Seville which I especially like.
Unfortunately they discontinued producing calendars and while I have found a replacement at Vistaprint they don't have a public facing shop so it is hard to offer any for sale.
Redbubble supply a snippet of code, which I have used below, to display a random selection of products. Note it is showing products even though they just look like images and so the prices relate to the product, it may be a print but it also could be a face mask or sticker. I'm not sure that this is a sensible way of doing it but it's all there is at the moment. Feel free to click through the images for more information.